Hello! I am a software + hardware Product Designer. I enjoy designing experiences that empower users at the intersection of the digital and the physical. I am now designing at TikTok.

Master's degree in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University

Previously at

HP inc.


Beyond is a mixed-reality museum experience catered for Gen Z by offering an immersive and engaging journey rooted in multi-sensory interactions, such as voices, eyes, and gestures.


Mixed Reality  /  Augmented Reality  /  Experience Design  /  Mobile Interface

A redesigned USPS postal service with conversational AI introduced and Mobile-Kiosk UX flow redefined


Voice UIs  /  Motion Design  /  User Experience  /  Mobile Interface


A sharing-economy service that leverages network effects of student community to nudge community members into plant-rich dieters with the aim to reach carbon net zero by 2050.


Design Research  /  Service Design  /  Mobile Interface

A website that tells the story of insured rates in the US over time in the context of Medicaid expansion adoption by organizing and visualizing data in buckets, ranges, and scales  that complement the narrative.

Health Insurance Patterns

Data Visualization  /  Visual Design  /  Web Interface

Other Projects
An award-winning laptop that boasts a unique mix of materials, wood in the palmrest, to offer natural, warm, and premium user experience.


Industrial Design  /  Design for Manufacturing  /  Human Factors

A three-wheeled self-driving electric vehicle that explores possibilities of form for future vehicles and improves visiting experience in leisure farms in Taiwan.


Industrial Design  /  Service Design

A movie that makes an abstract IoT concept concrete and easy to understand by designing temporal, aural, and visual cues to guide viewers' attention and focus.

IoT WSN Explained

Information Architecture  /  Motion Graphic